Saturday, October 25, 2014

Book Review Cain by Jose' Sarmago


This was a new take on what happened to Cain after he killed his brother Abel. We are taken through his covenant with God, stating that he would not kill Cain and that no other person could kill him. The journey continues with his relationship with the demonic Lilith and, through the flood of Noah. This story had some great ideas but I felt that it was almost too short.

Cain was a character that I was not only familiar with, but also kind of felt bad for in many ways. He killed his brother, yes but he also felt slighted by God, who was supposed to love him unconditionally after his offering was rejected. In retaliation, God banishes Cain where he meets Lilith. They strike up quite the relationship. It was interesting to see this part of the Jewish mythos explored in such a short story. I actually enjoyed their relationship more that I thought I would.

Where the story fell flat for me was when the Noah portion came into play. I thought the author took on too much of the biblical stories in one book. I just found it to be too much and not enough of the Cain and Abel story was explored. I also found the lack of proper quotation marks, capital letters, and just the overall edits that were not done. It took from the story (and that just happens for me, sorry) I also found the relationship with Lilith and Cain, while good, it could have been much more beyond the small amount I got as a reader and the amount of sex between them was fine, but I just feel that the author relied on that too much and not enough on what could have been with their pairing.

In the end, I found the story good, but also lacking. I am giving this one 3 stars out of 5.

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