Sunday, October 26, 2014

Book Review-The Eternals by Clover Donovan


4/5 Stars

This is not the first book I have read by this author, and it will not be the last. When I started this book, I knew it was supposed to be a YA supernatural novel. It delivered on the supernatural part but aside from the characters being teenagers, it did not scream YA to me, and this was a good thing. I think for me, I hear YA and go into whatever the book is with a bit of skepticism. That is just how I am with the genre I guess.

The characters were pretty good. I liked the balance of teenagers and adults because it helped the book feel more balanced when it came to how the book was progressing. I enjoyed learning about each character from Rowan to Ever and the people in their lives. For me, it gave the novel more depth than you would usually see in a typical YA novel and it was a strength of the book as a whole.

Something that I found to be difficult for me was the pacing. There were times it did seem to be rushed at times and there were times where it was slow. Usually I like the difference, but this time I felt that it was one and then the other with no happy medium in between. It did not take away from the story, but I did notice it and want to be completely honest in this review. There was at least one editing thing that I saw but it was so minor that it did not make much difference in the long run. The only other thing for me was that I wanted to learn more about the alternate world that Clover created because it sounded like it would be fun to get lost in it.

Since I like to sandwich my reviews with something good, then something that I would have seen as needing to be tweaked, and then ending with a positive, I want to end this review with a positive. Clover has taken two very difficult genres (YA and Supernatural) and fused them together pretty well. I also liked that the LGBT twist was there but did not dominate the entire book. I enjoyed reading about the world he created and although I would love to learn more about it, I think that may come in the next book in the series, at least I hope it does. I am giving this 4/5 stars and look forward to the next installment.

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