Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Not Finishing Books

Honestly, I hate not finishing a book that I have started. That being said, I have had to do just that a few times in my reading life. I have mixed feelings about it even though I do hate the idea. This entry is being born out of something I was reading last night and realized I was just not feeling it.

I was reading "An Object of Beauty" by Steve Martin last night and had not gotten very far into it. I was struggling to even get the book going in my own mind and I was REALLY trying. Something was just not clicking with me, though. I love Steve Martin as an actor, and I am sure he has a wonderful imagination as an author, but for some reason, getting though the book was not going to happen.

This brings me to my conundrum. Do any of my fellow readers/bloggers/vloggers have this issue where they hate to give up on a book but there are just times where you have to toss in the bookish towel for some reason? I am well aware that it helps us as readers to finish a book, but I also believe that there is a point where, if a book is not entertaining you any further that you have the right to just not finish the book. It is something I am a firm believer in and would love to know other people's thoughts, so if I have any readers left, please share your thoughts in the comments below:)


  1. I've had struggled through books I hated before.. stopping would have been best for all involved, because now I can't make myself pick up another book by that author, just due to the negative feelings left over from forcing myself to finish what was, to my mind, a truly horrible story. I finished out of obligation since it was written by a friend of a friend, but that just isn't a good idea. I feel like an author would rather have you put down the book they wrote, if it doesn't speak to you, versus finishing it and never trying them out, ever again, because of one book.

    1. I have finished books out of obligation as well, Ally_Rae. The kicker is that sometimes, I just cannot do it and I agree, why suffer through the book and ruin the author for yourself later on? Put the book down and maybe give their next book a shot.