Friday, October 24, 2014

Reading as Rest

Something I have been thinking about over the last few days is how I use my reading to actually rest and relax. I love getting into a book, be it on my Kindle or in physical form and just getting lost in the pages. One of the best things about using books to rest is that you can actually give the rest and relaxation to your body and your mind. It may sound odd to say that you can rest your mind while you read, but think about it.

When you sit and read a book, you are getting lost in a whole different world. The mind does not really NEED to be functioning to get what is going on, usually. Once you open the pages of the book, or flip on that Kindle, you can take your mind to the realities that you never dreamed of.

As someone who loves to read, I find that it is important to give that special time to yourself each day. When I read a book, I tend to get absorbed into the story and let my mind wander. This of course, lets me rest at the same time. Looking back on my reading life, I remember coming home from school or work, and just wanting to get taken to new places while just forgetting about any thoughts that would need to be attached.

All in all, reading as rest may seem a bit strange, but think about it and I am sure it will make more sense:)

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