Thursday, October 30, 2014

Secrets of The Elusive Lover (Book 1) by Mike Wells

Secrets of the Elusive Lover, Book 1

This was such a fun book! I was able to finish this in just a couple of sittings in one day and that was because it moved at a great pace while telling a cute story that we could all relate to on some level.

The main characters, Bethany and Adam were not typical, but rather, fun and people that we have all experienced in one way or another. Some of us have been those characters at some point in our lives to boot. I found myself not liking Adam at first, but as the story progressed, I sort of felt bad for him. This was especially true at the end of this first installment. I do not want to give anything away, but lets just say he shot himself in the foot I think (metaphorically speaking of course) and I kind of felt a twinge of "well you deserved it" along with feeling bad for him.

Bethany was a fun teen character but somehow she kind of fell just a bit flat for me. I wanted to learn more about her in this first installment as it looks like she will be a feature within this whole set of stories. I like to get the background of the characters I read and actually, I find that I did not get a lot from either character which is why this first one is getting 4 stars instead of 5. I also found Teri to be a bit irritating but again, she is also a teen so it is expected.

The pacing of the novel was good, and it read very quickly. That being said, I could have done with a bit more description of surroundings along with the dialogue but it did not detract too much from the overall experience. Mike, thank you for writing a very fun novel and I look forward to reading book 2 soon!

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