Thursday, March 12, 2015

Do the KIND Thing-ARC Review by Daniel Lubetzky Out March 31st

I had the opportunity to read this as an advanced reader's copy from NetGalley. It is not due out until March 31st, so I am grateful to the publisher, Ballantine books for allowing me to preview this book.

First, this was an AMAZING book! I loved the author's raw and emotional look at what it was like to set something up and get it going from scratch. Daniel walks the reader through his family history, and how his childhood gave him the inspiration to start KIND as well as another company. He talks openly about not just the successes of each company (the other being PeaceWorks), but also the failures. It was refreshing to know the reality of being an entrepreneur from someone who has been there.

Another part of the book that touched me, and that made me love it more is how Daniel talks about the importance of respecting both your employees and your distributors and business partners. He talks about how to properly hire and if need be, fire someone. He also talks about how letting someone go should be the last resort. On the business partner side, he talks about being open and honest with them too. It is all about respect and "doing the Kind thing" which I loved.

I do not want to give a lot of the book away, but I want to say that this was an eye opener for me as a regular worker so I suggested this to my VP of Customer Service because, even though it is an entrepreneur's story, it can relate to every company because it gives practical and honest things to think about. I would recommend this book to any business owner, VP, etc. There are so many great lessons in this book that should not be ignored.